What If We Changed Everything?

Mar 7, 2018 2:04:24 PM


On March 1, CENTURY 21 corporate released its new and improved branding, and, from where I stand, it was well received. The design, look and feel of the new logo and the associated branding have completely changed the way I look at the brand as a whole. It is modern, edgy, and completely diverges from the previous CENTURY 21 look and feel. We’ve definitely turned a page with the company leadership, and now the brand speaks to our new direction.

The launch site for the new branding had a question, which has been ingrained in my mind ever since I saw it:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.13.34 PM.png

What If We Changed Everything?

It’s a puzzling question because we, as an industry, have been constantly looking for the “next.” The next company to take over the industry; the next wave of technology to reshape the real estate landscape; the next wave of real estate leaders. While those are worthwhile questions to ask and ponder upon, we have spent very little time asking exactly what we would change. When it comes to innovation and disruption, it is almost as if we expect it to come from outsiders. This leads us to instinctively look and wait for changes to come from outside, not from within.  

With this new branding, CENTURY 21 flipped the script radically. One can argue that the rebrand was long overdue - but it is more than just that. I believe CENTURY 21 is asking the question that we have been afraid to ask for quite some time now, maybe because we stopped believing that we could actually be a conduit for a radical and profound transformation within the industry.  

Of the CENTURY 21 franchises, Redwood has long prided itself on constantly driving change and innovation. From our websites and exclusive marketing platform, to our partnerships with companies like Contactually, Spacio and RealScout, we never stop striving to be on the cutting-edge of real estate. In fact, our co-owner and president, Eddie Berenbaum, was one of only two CENTURY 21 broker/owners invited to the corporate office to participate in a brand image project that led directly to the company's new look. At Redwood, we believe that innovation drives success, and CENTURY 21's new branding is a reflection of this belief. We look forward to rolling it out and seeing its effect on the market and the industry.

Billy Ekofo

Written by Billy Ekofo

Born in the United States, but of Congolese origins, Billy’s life continues to be marked by his relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep passion for community and social impact. Billy is a trained communication and business professional with over 10 years of combined academic and professional experience from living, studying and working in Central Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Billy completed his MBA at the College of William and Mary with an emphasis on Real Estate and Entrepreneurship in May 2013, and joined Century 21 in January 2014 as an agent focusing on the Northern Virginia/DC Metro market.

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