CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty Agents, Teams, and Offices Awarded

Mar 29, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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You may think that spring season is our favorite time of the year, and you’d be right – but it may not be for the reason you think! We’re actually big fans of this time of year because it’s when we start hearing about all the amazing awards and recognition our CENTURY 21 Redwood agents receive for their hard work the previous year. Not only are these awards well-deserved; they also provide an ever-rising benchmark for their peers in the real estate industry.

We kicked off this award season when we learned that, for the sixth year in a row, we’d been awarded the Cartus Platinum award, which was presented at the 2019 Cartus Broker Network Conference, held March 17-19 at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Cartus Corporation is a worldwide leader in employee relocation solutions. “Being presented with The Platinum Award is a recognition of extraordinary accomplishment,” said Mike Brannan, Cartus Senior Vice President, Broker Services. “To earn this distinction, a broker must have successfully demonstrated outstanding performance in a variety of areas, including addressing customer needs, understanding local market conditions, and executing best business practices so our customers may achieve their real estate goals. CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty has delivered the very highest levels of results to both their customers and the Cartus Broker Network, and ultimately, their performance has resulted in our ability to provide great value to our clients, their relocating employees, and to our Affinity organizations and their members.”

Not to rest on their laurels, our agents also recently received word of their awards within the CENTURY 21 network for their 2018 production.

Receiving the DOUBLE CENTURION® award this year are Kevin LaRue and Diane Schline.

Receiving the CENTURION® award are Denise Smith, Suzy Stone, Melanie Hogg, Karen Sparks, Shawn Battle, Brittany Camacho, Jim Talbert, Doreen Gagne, Cindy Wrenn, Fran Rudd, Kristin Burns, Jeffrey Ganz, Tracey Barrett, Tracey Farmer, Gayle King, Josh Chapman, Cameron Shosh, and Meredith Hannan. 

Masters Diamond recipients are Michelle Dietz, Suzanne Parisi, Danny Leung, Sherine Monir, Gary Hughes, Shelly Porter, Pam Nonemaker, and Jonathan Eng.

Masters Emerald recipients are Jaime Craddock, Liz Crawford, Greg Hudgins, Angela Epting, Susan Pash, Jonathan Burke, Sharon Ayers, Judith Martin, John Montemayor, Michelle Graziani, Suzanne Hairston, and Justin Folds.

Masters Ruby recipients are Rebecca Vittitow, Jared Blatt, Sara Rinehart, Ricardo Rozada, Peter Bixby, Michelle Sanoske, Kitty Bernard, MiLyn Ward, Susan Diamantes, Nancy Freeman, AnaMaria Duran, D Jason Portlance, Les Wall, Edward Windsor, Paula Pummill, Christina Swe, Kristin Moody, Cindee LoPresti, Jose Semorile, Jennifer Burton, Richard Hanscom, and MaryLou Fisher.

Our President’s Producers are Kevin LaRue, Brittany Camacho, and Tracey Barrett.

Our Quality Service Pinnacle Producers are Michelle Dietz, Rebecca Vittitow, Kevin LaRue, Brittany Camacho, Susan Pash, Daniella Serven, Tracey Barrett, and William Caddy.

Our Quality Service Producers are Shawn Battle, Melanie Hogg, Matt Leighton, Jonathan Burke, Renee Williams, Cameron Shosh, Kim Vilov, John Montemayor, Gayle King, and MaryLou Fisher.

On the team side of things, GRAND CENTURION® was awarded to The Marquis Group. Double CENTURION® is awarded to Kathy Colville & Associates. CENTURION® was awarded to The Hupka Team,the Allwein Team, and The Pavlick Group. The Masters Team® award was given to The Overington Team and The Reeder Team.

Not to be outdone, our offices were also recognized! Receiving DOUBLE CENTURION® are our Ashburn and Arlington offices. Fredericksburg, Stafford, Fairfax, and Washington, D.C. all receive CENTURION® recognition, with Montclair and Frederick receiving the GOLD MEDALLION® award.

The President’s Award was received by our Stafford and Washington, D.C. offices. Stafford, Washington, D.C., Montclair, and Leesburg were recognized with Quality Service Pinnacle awards. The Quality Service Office award was received by our Ashburn, Arlington, and our Fairfax offices.

Phew! We’re extremely proud of all of our agents, teams, and offices for all their hard work in 2018, and so thrilled to see them recognized. We have to admit – we’re already excited about 2019. How about you?


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Tara L. Christianson

Written by Tara L. Christianson

As Century 21 Redwood Realty's Training and Technology Director, Tara has been allowed more fully explore her passion for teaching fellow real estate agents all about upcoming technologies and the opportunities of the online world. She's an international speaker and content writer who relentlessly pursues the best strategies for individuals and companies in utilising technology to its best benefit.

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