CENTURY 21's Nick Bailey and Cara Whitley Talk About the Future of Real Estate at our Redwood Rally

Apr 11, 2018 8:45:00 AM


This year marked our third-annual Redwood Rally, which never disappoints. The Rally began as an opportunity to unite our entire company - staff and agents alike - with an event dedicated to inspiration, recognition and celebration. This year, we were fortunate enough to be graced with the presence of two amazing leaders in the CENTURY 21 corporation: our new CEO Nick Bailey and the company’s CMO Cara Whitley. Both spent time walking us through the thought process behind the new branding and discussing the role of real estate agents in the changing industry landscape.

Nick Bailey on owning the home search experience

During his presentation, Nick Bailey made the case for the ever-growing need of real estate agents to take hold of the one area that we have absolute ownership over: the home search. The act of searching for the perfect home is where the agent and his or her client take the transaction to a deeper level. This is the space where we as CENTURY 21 Redwood agents need to outshine the competition.  

With the rapidly growing number of online leads, we need to master the shopping experience now more than ever. This is where the transaction gets personal. It is no longer about looking at neighborhood information and home photos on a website, it is literally about ushering in a connection between a business transaction and the exciting feeling of finding just the right home. 


Whomever masters the home shopping experience masters the entire real estate transaction. I couldn’t be happier hearing from our CEO about this approach and his commitment to ensuring that as CENTURY 21 agents, we will have the absolute best tools to enhance our clients’ experience in the new era of real estate. This had to begin with a radical new direction on our branding, identity and a solid commitment to no longer doing business as usual.

Rejection is not something to be afraid of - indifference is

When you introduce something new, there’s always bound to be pushback or a certain degree of resistance. CENTURY 21’s new branding has been the subject of conversation for awhile now because it is such radical departure from our past. As Cara Whitley, CENTURY 21's CMO said of the new brand, "it's not an evolution; it's a revolution."

Negative feelings about the new branding don't bother Cara, but she said there is one thing we should fear and avoid at all costs: brand indifference. When people are no longer passionate about your brand, what it stands for, its essence, its core - that is when you cease to matter. 


With Nick and Cara's speeches, we all walked away transformed. They breathed new life into a 47-year-old brand and gave us a renewed sense of purpose. For a company that thrives on remaining progressive in our approach to the business, there is no better compliment than that.

Here’s to waving goodbye to the conventional, the complacent, the fear of rejection, the indifferent. 

We’re ushering a new era - where mediocrity is no longer the norm.

And if you’re honest, it’s about time you do, too.

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Billy Ekofo

Written by Billy Ekofo

Born in the United States, but of Congolese origins, Billy’s life continues to be marked by his relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep passion for community and social impact. Billy is a trained communication and business professional with over 10 years of combined academic and professional experience from living, studying and working in Central Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Billy completed his MBA at the College of William and Mary with an emphasis on Real Estate and Entrepreneurship in May 2013, and joined Century 21 in January 2014 as an agent focusing on the Northern Virginia/DC Metro market.

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