How to Send a More Effective Email in 2019

Dec 24, 2018 10:27:00 AM

better email subject lines

Do your real estate business plans for 2019 include starting or continuing to send email newsletters and email campaigns? Do you know how you’ll cut through the noise, so your message gets read? Email marketing isn’t dead; it just isn’t done as well as it could be. Send a more effective email in 2019 using the following tips:

It Starts with the Email Subject Line

Many real estate newsletters use subject lines that say something like, “Real Estate Update for January 2019” or “Newsletter from X Property.” Sounds exciting, right?

One of the ways you can start to increase the chances of people opening your email is by writing a more interesting subject line. Don’t automatically use the default subject of your usual contact management program. Instead, think of something fun or descriptive that could pique someone’s interest. For instance, you can include someone’s name in the subject line, use “you” in the subject line, or even use an emoji or two.

Target Your Email Recipients

Another reason that your open rate for emails may be lower or your unsubscribe rate may be higher is because you’re blasting out the same information to your entire database. There’s another word for what you’re sending: spam.

Instead, take some time to go through your contact list and sort them into different categories. Some of those categories can include active buyers, active sellers, past clients, family & friends, and fellow agents. Once you’ve created these different categories, you can begin to decide on what content each of those groups should receive and how often. For example, active buyers probably need more information on what the buying process entails, how to decide between houses when choosing a new home, what happens once they’ve written a contract and more. They’ll also need to have more frequent touchpoints, including emails, than someone who’s not actively in the market. Your contacts will appreciate you taking the time to put a purpose behind your emails. 

Make Your Email Visually Interesting

When you receive an email with no paragraph breaks or one that takes you forever to scroll through, how does that make you feel? You can prevent your email recipients from feeling the same way by keeping things visually appealing. What does that mean?

Not only should you present your information in bite-sized pieces of information, like in bullet points or short paragraphs, don’t be afraid to break things up with images, gifs (moving images), or video. Color and movement attract people and encourages them to scroll down and pay more attention. Don’t you want that for your emails, too? 

Personalize Your Email Content

How special do you feel when you receive a letter in your mailbox addressed to “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Owner/s”? That’s how people feel when they get a mass email from you. (And usually, your message ends up in the same place as those impersonal letters – in the trash.)

Taking the time to personalize your content is essential. It’s one of the reasons we use Contactually as our preferred contact management system at CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty. Contactually allows us to personalize every message we send out through the system, including their “ScaleMail.” Personal touches in your emails will increase the chances that the recipient will want to read more and will open further emails from you. 

Be Consistent with Your Email

Finally, be consistent with the delivery of your email. Setting up a calendar beforehand of how often you’ll send your email newsletters and emails as part of your different campaigns will keep you consistent. Remember, by sticking to a schedule you’re training people to look for and open your emails. There’s another effect from holding to a process with your email messaging. Your consistency also sends a subliminal message that you’ll be steady and consistent when helping them buy or sell a home, too.

Want to learn more about how our agents are using Contactually to increase their email open rates? Looking for more guidance on how to set up the systems that will keep your real estate business running smoothly in 2019 and beyond? Just get in touch. We'd love to talk to you!

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