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Nick's Blog - The Adventure of a Lifetime

Jul 10, 2020 2:38:15 PM

The greatest wisdom I've gained in my life is from the enlightenment of travel.  Wanderlust has proved to both my wife Sara and I that the world is vast and the opportunities are endless. We have made wonderful friends, have had amazing experiences and those experiences have shaped our minds and spirit.  Exploring different countries and cultures has given us a greater appreciation of life, more compassion for humanity, an overall happier existence, and an insatiable hunger for more.  Although we’ve circled the globe and have visited 50+ countries, we’ve never fully immersed ourselves in a place outside of the USA...until now.

We woke up today in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. 10 years of dreaming and planning have come to fruition - we did it!  What seemed like a crazy, far-fetched idea years ago has become a reality.  We are living out our dream and are very excited to announce that the Pasquinis, including our Golden Retriever Gradle, and our cat Louie, are living abroad in Mexico! 

We begin our exciting new journey adding much needed thrill to our lives while showing our children that there is not only one way to live.  We’re in a place that has a different set of rules, a different language, and different customs. Although our new home comes with many challenges, the new experiences will far outweigh the troubles.  

What lies ahead is unknown. It feels wonderful and uncomfortable.  But isn’t that what makes life so sweet?  Not knowing what’s going to happen next is what drives our passion to live our best lives.  So pandemic be damned, we went through with our plan. Bring it on world!

If you have a business relationship with me and are scratching your head, please have no fears.  Part of the excitement of this challenge is to continue to be a driving force as an owner of CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty and it’s affiliated businesses.  This week I begin my stint as a digital nomad, someone that can work from anywhere.  A tip of the hat goes out to my awesome business partners, our amazing team of employees and our talented agents.  You are all part of making this dream a reality for us.  This is a true testament of the opportunities that exist when you surround yourself with a great team.   And as we’ve all learned recently from the Coronavirus lockdowns, we can be incredibly resourceful to accomplish our work when forced.

So please forgive me in advance if my appearance is a little scruffy, my skin over-tanned, my Mediterranean blood is bound to shine!   We can’t wait for what’s to come whether good or bad because it all makes an adventure of a lifetime!  #YOLO
Nick Pasquini

Written by Nick Pasquini

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