How Are Your Delivering on Your Brand's Promise?

By Billy Ekofo on Aug 29, 2018 2:30:44 PM

I have been having many conversations regarding brand and service lately, but more so around branding. In particular, how your brand’s value proposition needs to be in perfect alignment with the services you offer.

Often, agents think of their brand as merely a collection of trendy colors, logos, images, and regularly scheduled social posts, but it is, in fact, a whole lot more. A brand is a unique identifier for your business, and encapsulated in that brand is a single value proposition to your current and potential customers.

Your brand is of great importance for many reasons. In addition to the monetary value you bring to the table, this is something to which recruiters and brokerages looking to acquire companies pay close attention. Your brand is such a differentiator that, when built correctly, a business will consider whether or not acquiring you will enhance its brand to the point that a consumer would be willing to pay extra for doing business with them over another company. This is what is often referred to as brand equity - an intangible measurement of a brand’s power that can either enhance a company’s standing in the marketplace or cripple it completely.

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