RE Conversation Starters Episode #10: Relationships to Contracts

By Wendy Kedzierski on Apr 1, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Welcome to Real Estate Conversation Starters, the show dedicated to helping agents grow their business by having more effective conversations.

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Real Estate Conversation Starters Episode #3: Sam Medvene

By Wendy Kedzierski on Mar 16, 2021 12:17:48 PM

Welcome to Real Estate Conversation Starters, the show dedicated to helping agents grow their business by having more effective conversations.

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How to Start to Create a Successful Facebook Page

By Tara L. Christianson on Feb 22, 2019 1:09:30 PM

While Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms, at least demographically with older age groups, it could benefit a real estate agent to at least consider consistently maintaining a Facebook Page. (If you’re interested in Facebook and/or Instagram advertising at all, or having an Instagram Business account, you’ll need a Facebook Page anyway.)  

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Exploring Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Agents

By Tara L. Christianson on Oct 19, 2018 11:02:08 AM

Are you on Facebook? If you’re one of the 230 million people in the United States listed as a Facebook user, you probably have logged in to Facebook at least once. While most use it as a social network, over time, there has been a shift to using it for commercial purposes too.

It started with Facebook Pages when Facebook sought to separate people using Facebook for social purposes only from those who would like to advertise their work and businesses on the platform. Then, Facebook expanded its advertising to contests and promotions and, finally, to targeted advertising for the average business owner. Now, more than 5 million advertisers use Facebook to reach their target audiences. Are you one of them?

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Stop 'Posting and Praying' with These 5 Content Strategy Tips

By Tara L. Christianson on Sep 28, 2018 8:32:39 AM

The temptation is greater than ever these days. We’re told that “content is king,” and we should be posting interesting, engaging, thoughtful, timely content on a regular basis to our target audiences. So, we dutifully follow that instruction for the first week or so. But then life takes over, and there are clients and family and bills to pay, and suddenly all that content we wanted to post has fallen by the wayside. Preparation transforms into desperation, and soon we’re hitting ‘Publish’…while mentally saying a silent prayer:

“Our Google of Real Estate and Online Whims, We come to you in prayer.
Thy crawling spiders, thy algorithm, on laptop as on mobile.
Give us this day multiple views and shares, and forgive us our punctuation and grammatical sins, as we forgive those we see every day.
Lead us not into buying of leads or friends, and deliver us from trolls.
For thine is the traffic, and analytics and Adwords.
In thine own words, “Don’t be evil. (But make lots of profit.)”

While the Great Google who sees and knows all may hear your plea, its efficacy is questionable. Even so, hope and prayer seem to be many a real estate agent’s content strategy. What’s better than the ‘Post and Pray’ method, you ask? These five tips will help you start to build an effective, engaging online strategy, and will also help you determine whether publishing is the right thing to do.

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How to Be a Facebook Hero by Using Friends Lists for Your Business

By Tara L. Christianson on Aug 31, 2018 3:34:41 PM

In a time when the lines are becoming more and more blurred on Facebook between business and life, Facebook Friend Lists might be what you need to help you rethink the way you use Facebook for your real estate business.

Here’s a typical scenario: You work with a fantastic seller. You did a great job of selling their home. You want to stay in touch. They want to keep in touch. You put them in your CRM. They friend you on Facebook.

What do you do next?

For some real estate agents, this is a bit of a dilemma. Maybe you post a lot of photos of your kids for your out-of-state family members to see, and you don’t want your new seller friend to see all of them. Maybe you like traveling, and there are pics of your latest adventures, waving a margarita like it’s a flag and sporting your new sparkly bikini. Again, maybe something your new friend doesn’t need to see first thing in the morning. Or, on the flip side, perhaps your friends and family have accused you of being too ‘real estate-y’ on Facebook, and you want to spare them from future “Just Listed” and “Another happy client” posts.

Enter Facebook Friend Lists.

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5 Things Your Real Estate Facebook Page Needs Right Now to Be Successful

By Tara L. Christianson on Jul 9, 2018 9:45:00 AM

There are a number of reasons to create or continue to have a Facebook Page as a real estate agent, including providing information useful to those in your local community, giving insight into your real estate activities (including sneak peeks into your listings, open houses, and real estate work life), and to use as a base for your Facebook advertising. If you have a Facebook Page or are in the process of setting one up for yourself, use the checklist below to help make sure your Facebook Page is set up for success.

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