Inman Connect Tech Takeaways with Tara Christianson

By Tara L. Christianson on Aug 13, 2018 8:04:00 AM

Last week, our Director of Technology and Training, Tara Christianson, talked about her most significant takeaways from This year's Inman Connect San Francisco. She spoke about some of her favorite panels, real estate trends, and what content stuck with her from the whirlwind week.

We also asked Tara to share her thoughts on the technology she saw at Inman Connect, and what she thinks real estate agents should have on their radar based on what she saw and exhibitors she met. This week, she discusses her "big four" from Inman: artificial intelligence, 360 photography and video, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Here's what she had to say:

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Inman Connect Takeaways from Technology & Training Director Tara Christianson

By Tara L. Christianson on Aug 10, 2018 10:07:38 AM

As one of our two Inman Ambassadors (along with Billy Ekofo) for the recent Inman Connect conference in San Francisco, Tara Christianson had a front-row seat for all the speakers and training that Inman had to offer.

Here, Tara shares what she took away from this year's Inman Connect San Francisco as a whole. She talks about how speakers focused on how we all take care of someone in the real estate industry - from the real estate community as a whole down to the fiduciary care agents have for their clients. She explains why storytelling is still an essential aspect of your business, and shares some of her thoughts about things to think about based on conversations had at Inman Connect. Watch after the jump:

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Who in the Industry Changed Your Life?

By Billy Ekofo on Aug 1, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Last week, I wrote about my takeaways from Inman Connect and how being an Inman Ambassador has affected my career and my life. My real estate career has been a series of ups and downs. Though there have indeed been more ups than downs, I went through a dark period early on. With bills mounting, I was having a hard time getting my real estate career off the ground. It got to the point that I thought that maybe this wasn't the industry for me. I was prepared to walk away and leave real estate behind.

But then one agent showed an act of kindness that not only helped me at the moment but put me on a trajectory to success. I went on Facebook Live yesterday to discuss the impact this agent has had on my life and my subsequent prosperity.

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Being the Agent You Long to Be

By Billy Ekofo on Jul 25, 2018 11:11:44 AM

Last week was an exceptional week in San Francisco. Over 2,000 real estate professionals from all across the industry and the world made the journey out west to learn, grow, and think of better ways to develop themselves and their services. In a roundabout way, Inman Connect has become a bit of a pilgrimage - Realtors and other real estate practitioners from all across the industry journey to this gathering. Our temple is a conference hall. Our faith is in the belief that we are meant to be the conduits of better lives for our clients, our communities, and the world. The journey we take has its perils - we lose our luggage, our flights are delayed, and sometimes our reservations are nowhere to be found - but the result is still the same. We come together as an industry to challenge ourselves, ensuring that we are always looking to break our self-imposed limits.

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The Most Important Things I've Learned at Inman Connect

By Billy Ekofo on Jul 19, 2018 5:56:29 PM

Since I'm in San Francisco for Inman Connect, I decided to do something a little different for my blog post this week. We've been posting #DispatchesfromInman over on our Facebook page since the conference started. It's been a fun time full of friendship, networking, and learning and I want to share some of my big takeaways with you:

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Rediscovering the Best You at Inman Connect

By Billy Ekofo on Jul 11, 2018 5:28:14 PM

It is hard to put into words what Inman Connect genuinely represents to me, only because I have in many ways attempted to put in writing how this event became more than just a yearly industry gathering that I attend. Inman has transcended the conference status. It has become more of hallowed ground for me, and in some respect, a place of rediscovery. As I prepare to attend what will be my 7th Inman Connect (4th as an Inman Ambassador), I am rediscovering my path to the conference - because merely remembering where you have been, helps to focus and shape the path you are heading toward. 

Rediscovering the Industry

Among the many things I took away from my first Connect back in 2015 was a sense of rediscovering this industry that I have been part of for more than a year. My industry experience was limited to the deals I was working on, the local association events that I would occasionally attend, and the rest to my company. Inman allowed me to think bigger than my local perspective and grasp the immensity of the real estate industry.

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How a Simple Gesture Taught Me How to Shine

By Billy Ekofo on Jun 6, 2018 6:41:46 PM

Real estate conferences are about many things. You attend to discover new ways to be the best agent you could possibly be. You attend because you need to rediscover what it means to belong to your brand. You attend because you want to rediscover what it means to love your profession. You attend because you no longer believe in your ability to be an effective agent given your current level of resources and knowledge.  

Then you attend Inman Connect and everything changes.  

On the surface, Inman Connect is simply a conference. But when you peel back the layers, it is much more than that. This July will be my seventh Inman Connect experience and I can’t tell you how valuable and touching this event has been for me. I owe my many “Inman Moments” to several people, but today, I would like to highlight one of the people who has made my Inman experience exceptionally memorable since 2015; the person who helped me shine: Tara Christianson.  

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Billy Ekofo and Tara Christianson Named Inman Ambassadors

By Tara L. Christianson on Apr 2, 2018 10:21:41 AM

One of the real estate conferences we look forward to (aside from CENTURY 21’s One21 and our own Redwood Rally, of course) is the Inman Connect Conference, held twice yearly, one in New York City and one in San Francisco.

CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty has a history of strong and active participation in these Inman conferences, with C21 Redwood owners, staff and agents involved in everything from moderating marketing tracks and speaking on panels to ruling the main stage. One way that C21 Redwood has really made a difference in these conferences, however, is by having its members be a part of the Inman Ambassador group, and this upcoming Inman Connect San Francisco is no exception.

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Digging Deep - Lessons from Brad Inman

By Billy Ekofo on Mar 14, 2018 3:16:59 PM

I was inspired by my friend Peter Brewer who just spent a week with Brad Inman in Australia and wrote about the lessons he learned from his time with him. I have had the pleasure of volunteering with,  and recently working on staff at Inman, which afforded me the opportunity to work closely with Mr. Inman himself. When I left Inman and returned to C21 Redwood, I did so with a healthy dose of meaningful life lessons from Mr. Inman. Brad’s desire is to change the status quo on everything, and his recent call to bring about more conversations into Inman events resonated with me to the point that I want to share parts of conversations with Mr. Inman that left me wanting more in both my personal and professional life. 

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Rewriting My Redwood Story

By Billy Ekofo on Feb 16, 2018 2:52:39 PM

My Home, My Life, My Family

 Late last year I made the decision to leave my real estate home at CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty to go work for Inman News. The move allowed me to experience another side of our industry; one that offers people the opportunity to speak their truths in front of an audience and revel in the fact that they are able to influence and change someone’s course of action through a simple, yet powerful presentation.

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