Some of the Best Closing Gifts for Your Clients

By Tara L. Christianson on Aug 20, 2018 11:24:18 AM

It’s settlement day, and you grab a bottle of champagne in a gift bag, ready to give to your clients as a “thank you.” What a nice gesture! What slipped your mind, though, is that your clients don’t drink…and your gift is about to be relegated to the ‘regift’ closet in your clients’ new home.

Client gifts, although not expected, are a fairly common occurrence on or just after settlement day. When it comes to what to give clients, though, real estate agents sometimes default to the usual nice bottle of bubbly.

If you’re looking for some other ideas, including some more personalized options, however, here are several we’ve gathered from our CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty agents:

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The Riches in Niches for Real Estate Agents and Their Clients

By Tara L. Christianson on Mar 2, 2018 3:05:05 PM

At this January’s Inman Connect conference, several of us at CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty had the pleasure of seeing speaker John Henry. One of his most notable quotes was: “There’s riches in niches.” Henry was referring to finding a niche in the super-competitive world of New York City drycleaners – specializing in handling the cleaning needs of movie wardrobes. That same motto, however, holds true in the real estate world. There are so many benefits to dominating a tight niche market in your real estate business, whether it’s a specific farm area or your local church group.

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