How to Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out on LinkedIn

By Tara L. Christianson on Jul 30, 2018 10:31:58 AM

It’s the social platform often overlooked in favor of more ‘glamorous’ platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, LinkedIn can be a robust platform for those who prefer to engage on a purely professional platform, those looking for business-to-business connections, and those who want to make a reasonably quick, strong impact while growing their network.

There are a number of ways that a real estate agent can leverage LinkedIn to their advantage. Before you start working on a LinkedIn strategy, however, you’re going to need to have LinkedIn set up correctly. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as up to date as possible, with a current profile picture and a header picture that indicates where you work and what you do (Canva is a great tool to use to make sure your sizing is correct). Your profile should also include information that illustrates your specific real estate specialties (first-time homeowners, military, seniors, etc.), and relevant information around awards and background.

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