3 Ways to Protect Your Online Identity and Your Clients' Information

By Tara L. Christianson on Oct 12, 2018 11:05:21 AM

We get the notifications and hear it on the news every day – another website has been hacked and sensitive information, like usernames and passwords, has been compromised. When part of your business plan involves having a credible online presence, these kinds of disruptions can be detrimental to any real estate agent. Below, we’ll cover three basic steps you can take to start to help protect your online identity and keep information more secure.

Enable 2-Step Verification

You may be familiar with this concept already, and it’s one of the simplest steps any real estate agent can take to protect online accounts, including email. What is 2-step verification? Typically, when you go to login to your email account or any site online (like Facebook), you enter in your username or email address and your password, and you have access. Enabling 2-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication, on that account adds in another step. Once you’ve entered that username or email address and password, you’ll usually be sent a code to your phone via text message, voice call, or mobile app. (Sometimes, there’s a security key you can insert into your computer’s USB port.) What this does is protecting against the occasion when someone may have access to your password, but doesn’t have access to your other devices. Adding this extra layer to your most essential sites adds a level of security that’s become increasingly necessary in this day and age.

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