Taking Hold of Your Personal Story

By Billy Ekofo on May 16, 2018 8:25:00 AM

One of the many obstacles we face as real estate agents is that at times we feel the need to separate our real estate and non-real estate personas. We do this because we believe that this separation allows us to focus on what the job requires us to do, which is help our clients navigate the highs and lows of a transaction in a professional manner. 

As I continue to survey the industry, however, I've started to wonder if this actually is the best strategy. In fact, the most successful agents I see seem to have found a way to be professional and of great service to their clients, while at the same time remaining completely open about who they are as people. These agents do not shy away from stating who they are, what their struggles are and what they value the most, aside from selling homes. These fearless agents have embraced their story and they are leveraging their entire personhood to make a greater value proposition to their clients.
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