Why We Encourage Peer-to-Peer Learning in Our Offices

Oct 15, 2018 9:08:55 AM

peer-to-peer learning

There’s one majorly untapped resource within every brokerage, and that’s the knowledge of each real estate agent. Collectively, of course, that knowledge is massive and should be tapped into, but creating opportunities for every agent to share with their fellow agents within the office is extremely important as well.

One way we encourage peer to peer learning in our CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty offices is by creating office panels focused on a particular subject. Our Arlington and DC offices have teamed up to mine the wisdom of their agents. Last month’s panel was operated by three accomplished agents from both offices and centered around tips and tricks for increasing production. This month’s panel will be focusing on partnerships and teams – creating them, maintaining them, and growing them.

Another way we encourage peer to peer learning is through voluntary sharing of knowledge and experiences during team meetings. Mark Geslock, EVP of our Fredericksburg office, notes that this is one of the "biggest opportunities" for sharing amongst agents: "I have a segment that is called challenges and successes. This is where the agents share what day-to-day problems they faced. They can also share how they overcame them. It also lets the agents know who the go-to person is for that problem. Everyone likes to share and participate. Plus, this often generates out of meeting discussions, which also builds relationships." Experience plays a role in these sessions as well. Mark says, "Some of our senior agents have been instructors. Our culture promotes learning, and they are often my best resources."

The two questions you should ask yourself are: What could I share with the agents within my brokerage? What would I like to learn from the agents in my brokerage? If you’re looking for more information about our next peer to peer trainings or any of our educational events for agents, get in touch. We'd love to learn with you!

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Tara L. Christianson

Written by Tara L. Christianson

As Century 21 Redwood Realty's Training and Technology Director, Tara has been allowed more fully explore her passion for teaching fellow real estate agents all about upcoming technologies and the opportunities of the online world. She's an international speaker and content writer who relentlessly pursues the best strategies for individuals and companies in utilising technology to its best benefit.

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