Build Your Real Estate Career with C21 Redwood Realty

Business Planning

Want to reach the next level? You're going to need a plan. We offer one-on-one strategy sessions with managers who understand the real estate business. You'll set specific, actionable goals for your business now and in the future.

One-On-One Coaching

We understand that every real estate agent's business goals are different. That's why we offer personal coaching with non-producing managers whose only focus is your growth and success.

Leads to Grow With

Growing your business means growing your database, and we know it's sometimes difficult to create as many lead generation opportunities as you may like. We have an ongoing lead generation system where those leads are created for you. We want you to succeed! 

Surrounded by the Best

They say you're the average of the five people you spend most of your time around. That includes your real estate office! Why not surround yourself with the best in the business? Every day, you'll have the opportunity to learn from managers and active agents who excel in real estate.

Agent Websites

Welcome to Your New Online Home

Build your online presence without spending a fortune by using our C21 Redwood Realty personalized agent websites. What makes them stand apart from other companies' agent websites? First, they're modeled after our highly successful company site,, with the same built-in ingredients to make yours stand out online. Second, they offer you the option of customizing as much as you wish, including the domain name. Third, every lead that comes through your Redwood agent website is exactly that - your lead. 


Grow Your Sphere

Amplify Your Business Opportunities with C21 Redwood Realty

We know you already work with a great sphere of clients. Now, it's time to expand that sphere. We'll give you the mentorship, tools and training you need to grow your database and increase your opportunities. We want you to have unbroken years of success, and that means having a steady, continuous pipeline of people to engage with on a regular basis. 

Lead Generation/Marketing Platform

We Have What You Need to Succeed

Build your real estate career with marketing that's branded specifically to you. We offer a wide range of marketing materials for your use with the sole aim of creating and maintaining happy, satisfied clients. Our company combines traditional methods, like high-quality brochures and sophisticated photography, with exclusive, state-of-the-art online marketing that places you at the forefront of real estate agents in your area. Looking for leads? We've got you covered, with a lead generation system that provides you with a constant flow of qualified buyers, sellers and investors.


Build Your Listing Base

Increase Your Numbers

A healthy real estate business is built off of listings. One of the goals our mentors will help you achieve is increasing your listing base. Grow your numbers, steadily and consistently, knowing you've got the assistance you need to not only reach success, but maintain it for the long run.