Create the Real Estate Business You Want With C21 Redwood Realty 

Focus on Your "Why"

What keeps successful real estate agents going, especially during tough times? They know their 'why,' and it allows them to meet every day with inspiration and determination. We'll not only help you discover your 'why' - we'll keep you focused on it.

Work/Life Balance

We encourage a strong work/life balance at C21 Redwood Realty...whatever that means for you. We like to have fun, too, so we've created work environments in each of our offices that encourage short breaks from real estate, as well as space for relaxing after hours activities.

Customized Coaching Plan

Everyone has different expectations from their real estate business, so why should they all get the same coaching plan? Your plan is tailored toward your specific objectives, and we'll provide you with the accountability you may need to stay goal-oriented. 

Industry-Leading Marketing

We give you exclusive access to cutting-edge marketing created by in-house marketers and leading third-party providers. Stand out from your competition with high-quality flyers, brochures, postcards, and more, and flex your marketing muscle via our exclusive online marketing tools. 

Personalized Coaching

You'll Always Have a Coach in Your Corner

We sit down with you, one-on-one, to determine your goals and create a customized plan. With check-ins spaced as frequently or sporadically as you want, you'll always know that there's someone you can rely on to guide you to your goal. And, once you've achieved one goal, we'll help you set and reach the next! 


Agent Websites

Your Tailored-to-You Site is Waiting

With a few clicks, we can make your new agent website go live today. Customize it with as little or as much information as you want. Create a blog. Embed videos. We've laid the foundation, now make it yours. Even better? It's made for lead generation, and every lead that comes through your agent website is yours.

Marketing Platform

Only the Best to Choose From

From customized listing presentations to an in-house marketing concierge, you have an abundance of choices for all of your marketing needs. Not only can you access all of Century 21's offerings, we've created specialized, in-house C21 Redwood Realty templates and marketing literature to brand you at your best. If you prefer to take the online route, we provide training and tools that will help you maximize your presence there, too. The choice really is yours. 


Flexible Learning Opportunities

Learn the Way You Want

Everyone has different training needs and various styles of learning. We cover the gamut of training: everything from in-office training during office meetings to specialized, peer-taught classes, to an online training library accessible any time of day or night. However and whatever you want to learn, we'll make sure you get the education you're looking for.