Build and Grow Your Team with C21 Redwood Realty

Monetize Your Listing Base

Are you getting the return on investment you want from your listing base? Learn how to utilize the power of an effective team to maximize profit from all of your listings.

Maximize Return on Investment

You shouldn't be working for your team; your team should be working for you. We'll make sure you're getting a healthy return on the resources you're investing in your team.

Build Your Team

Whether you're starting from scratch or hoping to expand, we'll provide you with the knowledge, structure and support to build a team that best fits your business.

Our Team Supports Your Team

How do we know so much about teams? We've built a successful one ourselves! And our team will support your team as it grows and changes over time.

Scalable Systems

Keep on Growing

We'll equip you with a tailored structure for your team that can accommodate every level of its growth. By systemizing now, you'll provide sustainability for you and your team members over time. We'll give you insight into different team personalities and roles, how they change, and what you can do to make sure everyone seamlessly works together at every size. 


Customized Marketing Materials

Branded Marketing for You and Your Team Members

Increasing your profile in any market area is important; even more so when you need to increase the profile of your entire team. Use our customized marketing materials to shine a light on every member of your team, highlighting their importance to the transaction and how they augment your abilities to best serve your clients. 

Detailed Growth Plan

Prepare for Every Step

If you want your business to succeed in the long term, it needs to be scalable, and scalability is only achieved when you have an effective system. Putting the planning in place now allows you the freedom to simply grow later. Each plan is tailored to the individual agent and his or her desired outcomes, and every plan creates a system that can be monitored and measured. Let's start preparing for your future today.


Leadership Opportunities

Lead by Influence (Instead of Authority)

Leading a team means making sure each team member's goals are aligned with your team's goals. Delegation, hiring, managing and training are all duties that fall to a team leader. With C21 Redwood Realty, you'll learn how to lead a team while staying focused on your income-producing activities. You'll also be given opportunities within the company to showcase your leadership skills, helping your peers attain their goals.