Create Your Exit Strategy with C21 Redwood Realty

Career Transition Planning

We'll sit down with you to create a structured action plan for you, your business and your future needs. We'll discuss issues that may arise and help with decisions that need to be made before you transition out of real estate. 

We'll Work Your Leads

Our motto is: "No lead left behind." Succession planning is important. Your clients need to understand what's happening with you and your business, and you need to feel confident that you're leaving them in professional hands. We're here to take care of all of that for you.

Plug & Play Systems

Our systems work for you, not against you. The last thing you need at this stage of your career is to build websites from scratch, master intricate marketing materials, or learn how to use a complicated CRM. Our systems are designed to work together seamlessly and require little effort on your part.

Online Financial Portal

We use software that allows you to track your production in a million different ways, so you can keep a close eye on your commissions and your cap, follow how many leads you've closed, and more. Your numbers are available to you 24/7 so you never have to wonder. 

Leads Department

We Have a Plan and a Person for Every Lead

We employ Client Relations Managers whose sole purpose is to make sure no lead gets left behind. They work alongside dedicated people in every C21 Redwood Realty office to ensure your leads are always looked after, no matter what stage you're in with your business. We have a proven lead generation system to supply you with new leads as needed. And, as you transition out of your business, your clients will continue to be cared for with the same attention and respect they've come to expect from you. 


Website Platform

Easily Create a Personalized Online Presence 

In a short period of time, you can launch your own version of our company website which utilizes our extensive content while remaining 100% branded to you. Our agent websites are specifically designed to give you the customization you crave while removing any need for advanced technical prowess. Plus, your leads are your leads, including every lead that comes in through your website.  

Career Coaching

One-on-One Guidance and Advice

With decades of real estate experience (and quite a few awards between them), the managers of every C21 Redwood Realty office are on hand to provide you with step-by-step assistance through every phase of your career. As you start to plan for retirement, we'll help you assess your needs and objectives, and we'll work with you to create a strong exit strategy.


Organize Your Work, Monitor Your Financials

Are you on track to meet your goals this year? TransactionPlan is an online system that allows you to keep an eye on your production so you know if you need to adjust your workflow to achieve your objectives.