Cement Your Real Estate Legacy with C21 Redwood Realty

Develop Your Sphere of Influence

You get your best return on investment when you focus your marketing efforts on your sphere of influence. We'll help you maximize your growth by focusing on the best ways to reach and market to your current sphere, while also focusing on its overall development.

Targeted Marketing

The key to great marketing is precisely targeted marketing. From farming a specific neighborhood through postcards to creating a niche-focused website, we'll provide you with the tools and training to ensure every piece of marketing you produce is laser-focused.

Establish Goals and Accountability

No matter what you next goal is in your real estate business, your office's Executive Vice President (EVP) is always available to help you with your goal-setting and business planning. And if you're looking for someone to hold you accountable, you can schedule regular meetings to make sure you're on track.

Zero in on Your "Why"

What do you want from your real estate business? Our EVPs are ready, willing and able to help you focus in on what you want out of your career and provide you with the coaching you need to get there.  

Sphere Targeting

Achieve Fulfillment Through Focus

Your strongest network is your sphere, and we provide marketing on every level that can help tailor your message for each member of your database. We also provide the guidance you need to determine who best to focus on with your different marketing efforts, and how to continue to organically grow your sphere so you stay at the top. 


Geographical Farming

Become Your Neighborhood's Expert

Regular, organized marketing to targeted neighborhoods will lead to recognition that you are the local, trusted real estate expert in that area. We have traditional and modern materials and systems coupled with a diversified methodology to help you attain - and maintain - that status.

Custom Neighborhood Market Stats

Our Numbers are Your Numbers

We compile our market statistics for each neighborhood separate from any third-party company. What that means is that you and your clients have access to the most timely, updated information for every neighborhood. This easily understood display will help anyone visualize current market conditions by providing graphs such as "Are Sellers Negotiating?" and "How Many Months of Inventory," and cementing your status as the local expert.  


Accountability Coaching

Overcome Challenges and Reach New Heights

Even those at the top of their game sometimes need someone to make sure they're motivated and headed in the right direction. One of the ways we ensure you stay focused and committed is by providing one-on-one coaching with a high-level manager (the EVP of your office) who will provide wisdom, guidance, and positive encouragement as you strive for your next goal.