C21 Redwood Realty Cares About Your Commissions

Earn 100% of Your Personal Business

Earn up to 100% of your commissions once you meet our annual commission cap (excluding 6% franchise fee). 

Redwood-Generated Leads

We create and nurture leads and lead-generating opportunities to help you bolster your business. 

Business Closed & Marketed in Your Name

Your clients, your business. All of the business you generate is marketed and closed in your name. 

Agent-Facing Accounting Portal

Your success won't be a surprise. We provide you with the ability to intimately track your production and progress toward achieving your goals through an online, agent-facing accounting portal. 

"Everything we've put into place, from the people we've hired, to the technology and marketing tools we offer, is done for our agents and their clients. Being able to comfortably grow to whatever level you want to achieve is one of our missions, and we offer a financial structure that allows you to do that."

Edward Berenbaum

Edward Berenbaum

President, C21 Redwood Realty

"We're not happy unless you're happy, and we know one of your most important focuses is building a foundation from which to launch a strong, successful business, and I feel we really offer that here at C21 Redwood Realty."

Shawn Milletary

Shawn Milletary

Principal Broker, C21 Redwood Realty

"The success, strength and overall health of your business is our business. We've tailored our systems so you feel financially secure and able to achieve your goals."

Nick Pasquini

Nick Pasquini

CFO and Director of Business Development, C21 Redwood Realty