Achieve Success With Our Effective Marketing

Agent-First Branding

We understand the importance of creating brand awareness across all marketing mediums, and we provide you with the tools you need to best communicate who you and your business are.

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

If something isn't easy to use, it won't get used, which is why we've ensured that every piece of marketing material we provide is effortless to use. Create your own, customized marketing in minutes with our straightforward system.

Marketing Concierge

Add time back to your day by using our in-house marketing concierge. With an expert eye, our concierge offers a menu of services you can order from. You will be as informed and involved as you want throughout the creative process, and nothing gets produced without your final approval.  

Engaging Materials

We've sourced the most professional materials, of the highest quality, that provide maximum return, and compiled them in one place for your use. Whether online or offline, our marketing is proven to produce results.


Agent Websites

Put Our Technology to Work for You

Our agent websites have the best of both worlds - your branding and content combined with our most current back-end design utilizing the latest technology and SEO. You have control over your website, with the ability to create custom searches for your clients and monitor their activity on your site. Even better, every lead that comes through your website is automatically funneled to you and remains your lead.    


Redwood Concierge

Our In-House Marketing Specialist Works for You

Recover your time and eliminate the hassle of sourcing outside content creators for your marketing materials by employing our CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty Marketing Concierge. Offering assistance for everything from pop-bys to listing brochures, our concierge works closely with you to make sure your marketing reflects the exact message you want to deliver.  

Brochure and Postcard Builder

Drag, Drop, Publish...It's That Simple

If you prefer to be hands-on with your marketing, we provide the professional tools you need that are easy to use. That includes our Brochure and Postcard Builder, where you simply drag in the photographs you want to use, add as much or as little content as you want, publish and go.