Our Story

It's pretty evident when agents love where they live - it shows in the care and service they provide their clients, their office, and each other. Needless to say, our Montclair agents love living and working in Prince William County. (That pride in everything they do is being echoed in a beautiful Montclair office refurbishment.) While the interior decorations may change with the times, the foundations of the Montclair office remain the same: quality service provided to everyone with integrity. Deal by deal, our agents renew and strengthen trust in real estate agents, and it's an honor to have the office as part of the Redwood family.
Montclair, VA
5199 Waterway Drive
Montclair, VA 22025
(703) 580-0880

Meet Our Staff


Cindy Stackhouse

If Virginia real estate had royalty, Cindy would be one of the queens. She was named REALTOR® of the Year by the Virginia Association of REALTORS® (VAR) in 2012, and was named VAR's Educator of the Year in 2017. Now she's the EVP and Managing Broker of our Montclair and Manassas offices.


Shelly Cauthen

First licensed in real estate in 1998 , Shelly soon discovered that real estate really was the natural career path for her. She now enjoys soaking up the energy and excitement of people who are realizing their and others’ dreams every day.