Our Commitment to Giving Back

Redwood Gives Back is the Redwood's charitable arm that we created with our community-centric focus in mind. Each CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty office has a Redwood Gives Back Committee, led by an ambassador agent, who takes action on local philanthropic efforts and gives input toward our national and international initiatives. As C21 Redwood co-founder Nick Pasquini notes, “You get ten times what you give.”

Currently, we support two global charities and 1-2 charities per office, and we’re always encouraging participation and looking at more opportunities to give back. We've seen a remarkable trend since we started Redwood Gives Back with individual agent adoption and involvement. Time and time again, agents choose to give time, money, and effort to ensure people around them live better lives.

Our offices and agents support a wide range of people in need, from disadvantaged youth to people recovering from abuse to mentally and physically challenged adults to lonely seniors to military veterans struggling with depression. And we don't forget our four-legged friends, with regular fundraisers for local animal shelters.


Meet some of our Redwood Gives Back ambassadors and learn some of the many ways Redwood Gives Back to their local communities.


Building Homes in Haiti

Inspired by Brett Hagler and New Story Charity, one global focus of Redwood Gives Back has been to raise money to help create communities and build homes in Haiti. As of September 2017, we are up to six happy families in new-built homes, with two more homes in the queue for the next community. The $50,000 funds-raised mark was passed in June 2017, just 15 months after the launch of our partnership with New Story Charity, and continues to grow through the efforts of our agents and their clients. Our co-founders, Shawn Milletary, Nick Pasquini and Eddie Berenbaum, along with one of our biggest individual fundraisers, agent Rebecca Vittitow, took a trip to Haiti in early 2017 to see for themselves the impact C21 Redwood Realty had made. 

Watch this video overview of our trip to Haiti to see the homes C21 Redwood Realty built.


Become Part of Something Bigger

We believe a well-rounded real estate business is accomplished when you're able to combine your inward focus toward individual success with an outward focus of helping others. You can give people a chance at a better life both by selling houses and by donating resources and a helping hand. By working together as a team as part of our Redwood Gives Back office and company initiatives, you'll be able to do just that.  

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