Tom Ferry's Guide for Dominating Listings and Receiving Offers

May 1, 2019 10:10:27 AM


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Tom Ferry is back this week and with interest rates stabilizing in this hot spring market, he wants to know: Would you rather write or receive offers?

Obviously, if you're looking to dominate the rest of this year, your mind has to be on receiving offers. In order to do that, Tom has put together several practices and tactics you need to implement to see the results you're looking for.

What You Need to Become Listing Dominant

1. Have a Goal

No matter what your goals are (losing weight, saving money, receiving listings, etc.) you have to actually write those goals down and track them, otherwise you're just making statements about what you want. Hold yourself accountable. Once you establish your goal and track it, that visualized target gives you the concentration and motivation that you need to see it through.

2. Establish a Monthly Marketing Plan

Tom has gone over, and over, and over this topic in many videos, but all that shows is how important it is.

You should be tracking:

  • How many listings you took
  • What sources those listings came from (Facebook, phone call, Instagram, etc.)
  • Your goals for attracting listing through your marketing

"If you don't have those," Tom stresses. "You're not in the game, do not pass Go, do not collect $200."

With this data you can establish a monthly marketing plan that emphasizes the sources that get you the most listings while finding ways to improve your sources that are lagging behind.

Tactics to Dominate Listings

1. Block Out Time to Prospect

"If you haven't blocked out time in your schedule to prospect, it's never gonna happen," says Tom.

He recommends blocking out 9am-11am and 4pm-6pm, Monday through Friday each week to reach out and prospect. That gives you twenty solid hours each week to get the prospecting you need done. If Tom doesn't see that in your schedule, then to him it doesn't exist and it never gets done.

2. Make Your Goal Visual

Going back to making goals and tracking them, I'm gonna let this visual from his video speak for itself.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.05.30 PM

Jason here wanted to see a major breakthrough in their listings and thanks to some work with his coach, he was able to create a goal, visualize it as you see here, and make it happen by keeping himself accountable.

Finally, the Script

If you keep at this video til the end, Tom has his own script to help you get the listings you want and deserve if you follow his advice and tactics above. To find out more, be sure to check out this week's video.


Edward Berenbaum

Written by Edward Berenbaum

A 1997 graduate of Penn State University, Eddie moved to the DC area immediately after college to begin his career in real estate. Working for Richmond American Homes from 1997 through May of 2001 as a top producing New Homes Sales Agent and Divisional Sales Manager, Eddie discovered two important things: he loved real estate and the market was ripe for innovation. After taking time off to backpack around the world, Eddie returned to the DC area and co-founded Redwood Realty. Through aggressive marketing, hard work and the help of two extremely understanding business partners, CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty has grown many times. Eddie has taken his role in handling the growth and the marketing of the business extremely seriously, creating unsurpassed online and offline marketing for our agents, incorporating cutting-edge technology at every turn, and always looking for more opportunities to grow. His insatiable quest for knowledge and innovation is a key driving force behind our company.

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