You've Set Your Goals - Here's How to Actually Achieve Them

By Edward Berenbaum on Nov 28, 2018 1:24:36 PM

February is littered with the bones of dead New Year’s resolutions. We all start out with great intentions-- I’m going to lose 10 pounds; I’m going to improve my business, but most of us lack the follow-through. We just had an amazing business planning session, and the last thing I want is for that to happen to you. That’s why this week’s episode of The Tom Ferry Show comes at the perfect time. He gives seven steps that will help you achieve the goals that you’re setting up in your 2019 business plan. It comes down to this: If you don’t change the way you think and condition yourself to believe that you’re the type of person who can achieve your dreams, then your goals become just a wish.

Here are the seven steps that Tom goes through when he’s looking to set a significant goal:

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