Tom Ferry’s Three Ways to Send Your Business Through the Roof

Mar 21, 2019 2:47:31 PM

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"You deserve more business. You're sick and tired of the lack of income that's coming in, even though you're making money, you know that more is available and I'm gonna help you get it."

This week Tom Ferry is helping you focus on what is really important and what will make money for your business. This video is a short, simple, and sweet guide to driving your business to new heights.

1. The Power of Right Focus

 Whatever you decide to focus on is what you will have to show for at the end of each day. If you spend all of your time focusing on organizing your desk, then that is all you will have: organization. If you focus solely on little things and not the things that matter, such as making calls and following up with prospects, you’ll soon find that you have the most organized system one can imagine, but that system won’t bring in any revenue. You will end up with an organized broke business.

That’s not to say that organization or answering emails isn’t essential.  Tom recommends that you spend a little more time focusing your “to-do” schedule on the most critical aspects of your business: signing contracts. That’s what your number one goal and focus has to be. Everything else comes second.

2. Organize Your Day Around Booking Appointments and Going on Appointments

Now that you’re focusing on the number one goal of signing contracts, it’s time to act on this goal. How? Booking and going on those appointments.  Tom suggests the following daily schedule:

Monday through Friday, 9am-11am, and 4pm-6pm, you need to make calls, chase down leads, and schedule appointments in your calendar. “If it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t exist,” says Tom.

However, this is just half of the battle. You have to go on these appointments to reach your goal. Pencil out a timeframe from 11am-4pm for appointments and fill it. Everything else distracts you from making money for your business.

3. Ask for the Appointment, They Won’t Offer

It’s up to you to make the appointments happen. Leads aren’t going to fall into your lap and schedule meetings themselves. You have to go out on a limb and ask when you are making calls and following up. Try using Tom’s golden line which is so simple: “I’d love to help you guys, let’s schedule an appointment. This line will tell you whether a lead is worth pursuing. They’ll either meet with you or they won’t. Do you know what this does? It frees you up to either schedule the appointment or to move on to another lead. No guessing and no limbo involved.

Learn more and watch Tom’s video above, he’ll even give you an exciting challenge to take him up on, so don’t miss it.

Edward Berenbaum

Written by Edward Berenbaum

A 1997 graduate of Penn State University, Eddie moved to the DC area immediately after college to begin his career in real estate. Working for Richmond American Homes from 1997 through May of 2001 as a top producing New Homes Sales Agent and Divisional Sales Manager, Eddie discovered two important things: he loved real estate and the market was ripe for innovation. After taking time off to backpack around the world, Eddie returned to the DC area and co-founded Redwood Realty. Through aggressive marketing, hard work and the help of two extremely understanding business partners, CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty has grown many times. Eddie has taken his role in handling the growth and the marketing of the business extremely seriously, creating unsurpassed online and offline marketing for our agents, incorporating cutting-edge technology at every turn, and always looking for more opportunities to grow. His insatiable quest for knowledge and innovation is a key driving force behind our company.

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