Tom Ferry Plays That'll Maximize Your Efforts and Results

Apr 17, 2019 11:16:56 AM

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"You can't afford in this market to spend time doing dumb stuff that doesn't work."

Tom Ferry is on the road this week, but that isn't stopping him from giving you the best advice for running your real estate business. We are now knee deep in Q2 and the spring market is roaring along, so Tom wants you to do everything you can to maximize your efforts with these plays.


1. Clean Up Your Night Routine

Are you staying up too late each night? Drinking too much before bed? How about staying on your phone right up until you decide to go to sleep?

Perhaps it's time to change up your night routine so you can get the most out of each following day. Tom recommends reading a book or having a relaxing talk with a spouse or a friend before bed that way you get a good night's sleep.

Whatever you do, your play at night should make you feel relaxed before going to bed and ready to dominate the next morning when you wake up.

2. Fix Up Your Morning Routine

Similar to the last play, streamlining and cleaning up your morning routine has a major impact on your motivation and energy for the rest of the day.

Tom gives a rundown of his morning routine:

  1. Wake up
  2. Go to the gym
  3. Come back to the house
  4. Does his gratitudes
  5. Does his meditations
  6. Reviews his schedule for the day
  7. Lists out the most important things he needs to produce TODAY

I'm not saying you have to follow Tom's exact routine, but a healthy morning routine that makes you energized and organized for the day will put you in a better position to succeed.

3. Nail Down Your "Hour of Power"

What do you do before you start making calls? 

Before Tom starts hitting the phones he will make sure all of his leads are out, his numbers are all in front of him, and then he will practice whatever his message is. He'll go through, read his script, and get a good feel for it before he starts dialing.

If you want to see better results from your calls and interactions, preparation goes a long way.

Just like a professional sports team, everything you do should have a play attached to it. You shouldn't waste your time taking stabs in the dark with any of your actions or routines. Get your plays together and you'll maximize your efforts every single time.




Edward Berenbaum

Written by Edward Berenbaum

A 1997 graduate of Penn State University, Eddie moved to the DC area immediately after college to begin his career in real estate. Working for Richmond American Homes from 1997 through May of 2001 as a top producing New Homes Sales Agent and Divisional Sales Manager, Eddie discovered two important things: he loved real estate and the market was ripe for innovation. After taking time off to backpack around the world, Eddie returned to the DC area and co-founded Redwood Realty. Through aggressive marketing, hard work and the help of two extremely understanding business partners, CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty has grown many times. Eddie has taken his role in handling the growth and the marketing of the business extremely seriously, creating unsurpassed online and offline marketing for our agents, incorporating cutting-edge technology at every turn, and always looking for more opportunities to grow. His insatiable quest for knowledge and innovation is a key driving force behind our company.

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