About Danielle

Based off the numbers of likes, loves and congratulatory comments on Facebook when it was announced she was becoming the EVP of our Frederick office, you'd have to think Danielle Dojcak is an extremely well-liked, respected human being. And you wouldn't be wrong! Danielle has easily transitioned from being a successful agent to becoming Frederick's EVP, and it's yet another milestone in her real estate journey of over 20 years.

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One of the best people to learn from is someone who's been in your shoes, who's experienced both the highs and the lows that being a real estate agent can bring. That's one of the key things Danielle offers her agents - she's able to assess a situation with empathy and offer guidance based off experience. Her candid, friendly approach is appreciated, and she is a big believer in the power of education. Danielle's goal is not only help you meet industry standards across the board, but to surpass them. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised to see Danielle and her agents setting some new standards for everyone else to follow in the near future! 


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