When Kara first arrived in Washington, DC right after college, she underestimated the power the city has over people, thinking it'd only be a temporary stop. The sheer variety that DC offers has captured Kara, however, and now she and her husband are raising their fantastically cute daughter as a DC native. 

"Pug photo booth shoreditch, typewriter man braid sriracha helvetica franzen."

Kara's favorite thing about DC? The various flavors of all the neighborhoods! Whether you're looking for a renovated historical home or seeking something more suburban, there's something out there for everyone.

Kara has seamlessly transitioned from being a local real estate agent to being an Executive Vice President and Managing Broker of our DC office, to originating the role of Director of Field Management. With her dual emphases on integrity and creativity, and embrace of tradition and technology, Kara leads the way for all of our offices and EVPs.


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