About Leigh Ann

Confident. Caring. Smart. Equally comfortable around people and technology. Able to organize seemingly hopeless people. Committed to her community. Who else could we be describing, other than Leigh Ann Miller?

As Operations Coordinator of our Leesburg and Ashburn offices in Loudoun County, Leigh Ann is the go-to person for everything related to Redwood systems and daily operations. With her background in information technology, Leigh Ann is completely comfortable around computers - perfect for a real estate company on the cutting-edge of technology like C21 Redwood Realty - and knows her way around marketing. She's not just a nerd, however; she injects heart into everything she does and excels at customer service. When she's not working as Chief Wrangler for our offices, you may find Leigh Ann enjoying her family or relaxing over a glass of local wine (or even pouring one for you!) at Vint Hill Craft Winery. 

"Pug photo booth shoreditch, typewriter man braid sriracha helvetica franzen."


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